• Felix Gmelin: Art & Crime
Felix Gmelin: Art & Crime

Summer School as School
26 July – 9 August, 2015

Public Program
Monday, 27 July 2015 at 20:00

Felix Gmelin: Art & Crime

Venue: Boxing Club
Mark Isaku St. Prishtina
Republic of Kosovo

Felix Gmelin, born in Heidelberg 1962, studied at the The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and currently shares his time in between Sarajevo, Stockholm and Oslo. In Oslo he serves as professor in contemporary art at the National Academy of the Arts KHiO since 2014. Gmelin’s work investigates political imagery and language by comparing contemporary political movements with those of times past in order to find artistic and sociopolitical models for the future.
He is interested in the role of culture in society and how artistic methods can be used in times of social change, and how social change, in turn, can become part of personal cultural practice.
His work has been presented to wider art audiences within exhibitions such as the 50th and 52nd Venice Biennale, the Berlin Biennale 4 and has most recently been seen at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg and within the Tirana Open 1 at Pallati i Kongreseve, Tirana, Albania.

Art & Crime presentation by Felix Gmelin is spart of Summer School as School Public Presentations.