• Summer School as School 2016

SSAS 2016 has assembled a faculty of artists, architects, educators, theorists and curators that have designed courses which thematically and geographically go well beyond newly established national and regional contexts in Europe, while at the same time maintaining a high degree of awareness for the immediate political, social and cultural framework.

Theory based courses of SSAS 2016 beginning on July 4th, 2016 with Course 1: Exhibition Histories and Canons of Contemporaneity, with course leaders Jelena Vesić and Branislav Dimitrijević and the question: Can we talk about a concept as paradoxical as canons of contemporaneity?

Production courses of SSAS 2016 beginning, on July 3rd, 2016 with Course 2: Storytelling or: Box with the Sound of Its Own Making, with course leader Felix Gmelin.

The metaphor for this course is Robert Morris's Box with the Sound of Its Own Making (1961), which consists of an unadorned wooden cube, accompanied by a recording of the sounds produced during its construction. Lasting for three-and-a-half hours, the audio component of the piece denies the air of romantic mystery surrounding the creation of the art object, presenting it as a time-consuming endeavor. In so doing, the piece transfers the focus from the artwork to the process of its making.

Certificates for participants attending SSAS are provided by AVA, Ljubljana, an accredited institution for Higher Education and Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina.