• Summer School as School 2015

Summer School as School 2015 has assembled a faculty of artists, architects, educators, theorists and curators that have designed courses which thematically and geographically go well beyond newly established national and regional contexts in Europe, while at the same time maintaining a high degree of awareness for the immediate political, social and cultural framework.

Theory based courses of Summer School as School 2015 beginning on 27 July with Course 1: Art History between Cradles and Barricades: Feminist art history’s research and methodology with Prof. Dr. Suzana Milevska.

Production courses of Summer School as School 2015 beginning, on July 29, 2015 with Course 2: Interconnected Localities as a New Globality with Miran Mohar

Course 2 will focus on a practical matter, to finish one artwork in any chosen media during the time Summer School.

Participants will be asked to explore questions that can be part of contemporary art global story from their local perspective. The nature of the works to be developed during the course should discuss and present the issues of the differences between countries with developed art system and the ones without or poorly developed (as in many places of Eastern Europe and others. In places without developed art systems there are various strategies and approaches on various levels such as art’s production and distribution. The participants are expected to consider the premise that coming from a country with least developed art system is not necessarily a disadvantage.

The course development will be based on discussions of ideas, material implementation, and the process of producing an artwork along with the conceptual and technological level. The students should then decide what topics they want to deal with and develop a more complex project they would like to work on further. Topics will not be limited.

Certificates for participants attending Summer School as School are provided by AVA, Ljubljana, an accredited institution for Higher Education and Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina.