• Museum of American Art in Prishtina
The permanent exhibition
The permanent exhibition at the Museum of American Art in Prishtina consists of two parts.

One part relates to pre-World War II story of the Museum of Modern Art.

The second part relates to the first two decades after World War II and the emergence of the American art on the world scene with exhibits about the MoMA exhibitions of American art between 1946-1956; the exhibition of Peggy Guggenheim Collection at the Venice Biennale 1948 and the MoMA International Program established in 1953. This part continues with exhibits of the 1955 MoMA exhibition of American art in Paris, 1956 MoMA exhibition in Belgrade and 1959 MoMA exhibition at Documenta II in Kassel.

Museum of American Art in Prishtina also has on display the "Museum of Modern Art", as an American invention defined by the two Alfred Barr's historical exhibitions in 1936: "Cubism and Abstract Art" and "Dada, Surrealism and Fantastic Art" while the time-line of its narrative ends in the mid '30es when it have been conceived.