• Driton Hajredini: Who killed the painting?
Who killed the painting?

Who killed the painting?
Driton Hajredini

Curatorial by Albert Heta

Opening: 12 March 2009, 19:00
12 April 2009 – 12 April 2009

Did you see this work?

I didn’t! Did you read about it? Did you write about it? Do you know when it was made? Do you know where it was made? Why is it important? What about other art works of contemporary artist that worked in this context and that are not your close friends?

Written history is something that this scene still doesn’t have. It has only gossips, ignorance and fabricated stories that aim to create heroes out of fallen (asleep) pawns of the contemporary art scene.

Who killed the painting? at Stacion is relevant for what this work represents. Internationally this work is been recognized and acclaimed for its importance at the highest level. In the locally rotted practice we cannot forget where this work was created and why?

Who killed the painting? is as good of a question as 'Who aims to kill the contemporary art scene in Kosova?'