• Mircea Cantor: Deeparture, Video (2005)

Artist: Mircea Cantor

Curatorial by Albert Heta

Opening: 5 December 2007, 19:00
5 December 2007 - 11 January 2008

Based on an uncertainty principle, which is now unleashed to interrupt natural 'law', the short video DEEPARTURE, 2005, records the behavior of a deer and a wolf interacting precariously in a gallery's empty space (Yvon Lambert's gallery in Paris, where Cantor is currently based). The piece is prefigured by Joseph Beuys's famous 1974 performance, when, without setting foot on American ground, the German conceptual artist was wrapped in felt and delivered to Rene Block's New York gallery, where he shared the space with a coyote for a week. Yet, unlike Beuys's exploitation of nature to help fashion his own neo-primitivist persona, Cantor's scenario absents the artist and directs the viewer to focus on the relationship between animals that is tentative and inconclusive.

Cantor is a 30-year-old Romanian based in France since 1999. His reputation is now spreading around the globe.