• Summer School As School 2016
Amila Ramović: Building an art institution in a society under construction.
Summer School as School
3- 18 July, 2016

Public Program
Friday, 11 July 2016 at 19:00

Amila Ramović: Building an art institution in a society under construction.

Venue: Boxing Club
Mark Isaku St. Prishtina
Republic of Kosovo

The Ars Aevi Project is the most ambitious art venture in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the past two decades. It is known for its unique concept through which artists from all over the world become the founders of their own shared collection in Sarajevo, to be housed in a museum building designed by Renzo Piano. However, the Project is interesting as a space bridging the time between the two Bosnias, the pre-war post-Olympic one, in which culture and arts played major role and in which the project was conceived; and the post-war one, in which the role of arts has changed, mostly through their systematic marginalization unless they are functioning as an instrument in affirmation of the policies of fabrication of new ethnic identities. For the past 20 years, Ars Aevi has been evolving itself in permanent interaction with the changing realities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, their artistic, political, financial sides. The presentation will aim to discuss the challenges and missions of art institutions in a complex and fragile society such as Bosnian and try to reflect on different aspects of its artistic production and institutions.

Amila Ramović (Sarajevo, 1977) is the Executive Director of the Ars Aevi Project - Museum of Contemporary Art in Sarajevo. Since 2000, she has organized dozens of contemporary art productions and curated exhibitions by leading Bosnian and international artists, among which Braco Dimitrijević's solo exhibition at the Venice Biennale in 2009 and in Sarajevo in 2010; Sing Sing group members in Reggio Emilia in 2009, in Sarajevo in 2011, and at the Museum of Modern Art in Saint Etienne in 2012; Peter Ablinger in Sarajevo in 2014, etc. As Ars Aevi's Executive Director she has been in charge of coordinating relations with partners in the creation of conditions for the construction of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sarajevo designed by Renzo Piano. She is the author and editor of Ars Aevi's numerous publications. She holds a PhD in contemporary sonic artistic practices and is a professor at the Academy of Music in Sarajevo.