• Artist talk: Flaka Haliti
Artist talk: Flaka Haliti

Flaka Haliti: Balls! Balls! Balls!
Curatorial by Albert Heta

Artist talk
11 April 2008, 19:00

Stacion Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina is proud to present the Artist Talk with Flaka Haliti, which is part of the exhibition Balls! Balls! Balls!, a curatorial by Albert Heta.

For the Artist Talk, Flaka Haliti will talk about works in the exhibition and the context around these works.

Balls! Balls! Balls! is a show about balls and histories.

During the opening of the last Muslim Mulliqi Art Prize, curated by a she-curator form Albania, Flaka Halitimade the first illegal intervention in the white box in this scene (I would love if there would be an art historian to say to me that this is not the first work of this kind in this scene!).

Her action was: the entrance in the gallery space during the official opening, placement in the corner of the gallery space of a number of livestock balls, decorated as a present, and the walk out form the gallery space.

In this subtle and courageous action lays the value of this entire exhibition which was later criticized publicly even by one participating artist.

But this exhibition and it's curator was never the main subject of this work. My view is that in many ways this work is yet another fresh cut away from the practices of the young contemporary artist working in Kosova.

Balls! Balls! Balls! is about the history of this action, the players involved, distributed histories and the artist.

Balls! Balls! Balls! it is also about histories untold or censored.

Flaka Haliti is a young artist part of the new generation of contemporary artists working in Prishtina that surfaced with their work during past few years. With her work Flaka Haliti has shown a continuous interest and courage in exploring themes that present a challenge for our society or lately the art scene.

Albert Heta