• Course 3: The Designer, the Developer, and the Control: Computer graphics and when to let it go
Course 3: The Designer, the Developer, and the Control
Course 3: The Designer, the Developer, and the Control: Computer graphics and when to let it go
by Marianne Plano
8 – 20 August 2022

Course Description
The designer, the developer, and the control: computer graphics and when to let it go

“What’s the point of all that design if the website cannot load?”
“What’s the point of you programming if you cannot make it work?”
“How about we trash your 30Mo 3Ds images? It’ll load like a charm.”
“How about we trash the devices that can’t load them quick enough?”

Developer me and designer me, late night talking

A tale of two beauties
The designer and the web developer are both craftsmen of accessibility. They serve the same master: content. Writers, bloggers, users, you should be grateful for having such a staff supporting, spreading, and designing your words and images, all of us staying up late for the world to (best) read about what’s going on your mind. Or in your business. Whether that’s worth it or not, shall not be discussed in the present text.
That said, if designers and developers serve the same master, they don’t follow the same rules, they don’t obey the same codes and they don’t prioritize the same things. We shall say, they don’t seek the same beauty1. Which often turns them into opponents, each of them being ignorant of the other’s beautiful and, only building websites that fulfill his specific goals. Resources optimization, low maintenance, accessibility for all devices would the developer say. Grids, typographic detail and consistency in rendering would the designer say. As expected, that difference in perspective leads to bloody fights, on which only! good web design is able to take roots and grow.

Marianne Plano is a French graphic designer and developer based in Brussels. Trained with the Luuse collective, her work questions digital tools, through an instinctive and dedicated practice of programming.

10 participants will be selected to participate in this course. Eligible participants must read the Terms information, fill out the application form, upload the required documents and submit the application form. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The participation fee 500€.
Scholarships are available for participants from Kosovo.