• Course 4: Placeness
Course 4: Placeness
Course 4: Placeness
by Florina Jerliu
8 – 20 August 2022

Course Description
Placeness (‘the quality of being a place’, ‘the sense of place’) is a place factor that contributes to urban life and social cohesion. Hence, placeness plays an important role in connecting the tangible and intangible world, that is, the emotional interactions that people establish with a place, and the way it affects how we perceive and interpret the place. Placeness is a well-established place-related concept, employed in urban design strategies that aim at urban and artistic interventions in the built environment to create high quality, vital and people-friendly environments. With these intentions in mind, actions / interventions in public places contribute to the placeness factor. This course approaches to this subject matter through employing (as an instrument for assessment) observation/discussion of six dimensions of urban design. The six dimensions: morphological, perceptual, social, visual, functional, and temporal, elaborated by Caramona et.al. in their book Public Places - Urban Spaces; The Dimensions of Urban Design, will be considered for the purpose of analysis to evaluate how perceived urban design qualities, as planned through “Manifesta 2022” interventions in Prishtina, contribute to place-making practice.

Florina Jerliu is a professor in the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”. She teaches courses of art and architectural history, theory and heritage in the Faculty of Architecture, and Aesthetics of Space in the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Jerliu received a degree of Diploma Engineer of Architecture from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Prishtina (1996), a Masters in Arts from the Faculty of Arts, University of Prishtina (2003), and a PhD in architecture and urbanism from the University of Sarajevo (2014).

She is the co-founder and chair of the foundation for architecture and urbanism Archis Interventions Prishtina (part of the Archis Network together with Archis Interventions Amsterdam and Archis Interventions Berlin); co-founder and member of the Board of the think-tank Kosovo Stability Initiative; member of ICOMOS (as of 2017), member of the State Council for Recognition (of foreign diploma and qualifications, as of 2020), member of the Board of the Kosovo Archaeological Institute. In 2015-18 she acted as member of the Board of the Kosovo Institute for the Protection of Monuments; in 2003-2008 she held the position of the President of the Kosovo Association of Architects. Jerliu is active in the field of cultural heritage in Kosovo through participation as member in various commissions and juries as appointed by the Kosovo Ministries (MYSC, MASHT).

Jerliu is the author of the text of the National Strategy for Cultural Heritage of Kosovo 2017-2027 adopted by the Government of Kosovo, and author/designer of the first national archaeological park in Kosovo: Archaeological Park Ulpiana. She is author of books: Preservation of Built Heritage (2016) and Cultural Heritage of Kosovo: Concepts and Contexts of Protection (2017); and author and co-author of a number of scientific papers published in international and local journals.

Jerliu was part of the working group for the establishment of the Permanent Exhibition of the National Museum of Kosovo, and a co-author of exhibition’s interior design (inaugurated in February 2018). She is a laureate of the Annual Prize for Scientific Contribution in the field of Cultural Heritage "Zef Mirdita" (2018) awarded by Kosovo Ministry of Culture.

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