• Summer School as School 2017

Summer School as School 2017 course leaders have compiled a challenging and inspiring program for 2017 courses, organised July 10–24, 2017.

Theory-based courses beginning July 10:

Course 3: Curating and Global Feminisms, course by Jovana Stokić (July 10–14)
Course 4: Exhibiting: (En)Countering Temporalities by Rike Frank (July 10–14)
Course 7: Only the Code Remains the Same: Publication as Material, Window, Forum, Copy, Container for Time by Molly Kleiman (Triple Canopy) (July 10-15)

Production-based courses, including theory-based sessions, beginning July 10:

Course 5: The Rearview Mirror by Felix Gmelin (July 10-15)
Course 6: Painting (Re)Framed by Adrian Deva (July 10-24)

Theory-based courses beginning July 17:

Course 1: In the Museum of History by Boris Buden (July 17-20)
Course 2: Performativity and its Institutional Ethics by Keti Chukhrov (July 17-20)
Course 8: Architecture Exhibitions and the Politics of the Temporal by Marina Otero (July 19-24)
Course 9: Memory and Typography by Toledo i Dertschei (July 19-24)