• Artists of Tomorrow 2021
Statement of the Jury
Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina is pleased to announce that the jury of the Artists of Tomorrow Award 2021, comprised of Anne Barlow, the director of the TATE St Ives, England, Qëndresë Deda, artist, winner of Artists of Tomorrow Award 2018, Minna Henriksson, artist, Adam Kleinman, an independent curator and writer as well as the Regional Curator for North America at the Kadist Art Foundation and Nebojša Milikić, cultural worker and manager, researcher and activist based in Belgrade, has selected three finalists to the Artists of Tomorrow Award 2021.

The jury has issued the following statement:
We members of the jury of the Artists of Tomorrow Award 2021 were delighted to review the 12 applications received by practicing artists who applied in this year’s open call.

The jury would first like to thank all the artists who applied for this Award for their care and consideration in preparing their submissions. Following extensive discussions, the jury has selected three finalists based on their promising proposals and existing work.

We are delighted to announce that the three finalists for the Artists of Tomorrow Award 2021 are Uresa Ahmeti, Endrit Jashanica and Enxhi Mehmeti.

The first finalist is Uresa Ahmeti, whose multi-disciplinary work encompasses video, performance and text. The jury was interested in the way in which she interrogates the relationship between artist and audience, and the observed and the observer, in contexts that include the architecture and public space of Pristina. Ahmeti embraces disobedience and refusal as ways of reclaiming the self, challenging norms and expectations around expressions and perceptions of gender identity.

The work of the second finalist, Endrit Jashanica, brings together conceptual art, performance and the digital in complex and innovative ways. Using the possibilities of digital technologies, including generative art and virtual and augmented reality, he explores ideas around the interior and exterior in terms of identity and form, dynamic behaviour and chaos, and a future in which human life and technology increasingly coalesce.

The third finalist is Enxhi Mehmeti whose work speaks to the experience of the Kosovar diaspora. Through her powerful paintings and intimate drawings, as well as sculpture, music and poetry, she reflects on cultural and personal identity through a diasporic lens. Her work addresses differences in language and visual culture, fragmentation, representations of the female, and the discordant relationship between folk art and modern capitalism.

As a jury, we are excited to see what these three finalists will create for the exhibition at Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina and look forward to seeing their work in December when the Jury will meet to select the winner of Artists of Tomorrow Award 2021.