• Pepi Sekulich: Evoking Creativity
Pepi Sekulich: Evoking Creativity
Summer School as School
26 July – 9 August, 2015

Public Program
Tuesday, 4 August, 2015, at 20:40

Pepi Sekulich: Evoking Creativity

Venue: Boxing Club
Mark Isaku St. Prishtina
Republic of Kosovo

Pepi Sekulich is a founder and the initiator of the Institute A.V.A. – Academy for Visual Arts and it’s programme. He graduated in London / 1992 / – Wimbledon College of Art (University of the Arts London). As a Theatre designer- scenographer participated in more than 30 theatre and dance performances in several theaters and companies such as: SNG Drama Ljubljana, Theatre Mladinsko, PDG, Nova Gorica, Ljubljana City Theatre, Theatre Ptuj, Koper Theatre, Fundacao Serralves Porto, Le ballet Gent, En Knap …Production designer of 12 feature length films and numerous mid metrage and short films as: Outsider 1995, Stereotype 1996, Ita Rina, 1997, Web 1998, Ljubljana 1999, Head noise 2000, Guardian of the Frontier 2000, Desperado Tonic 2001, New World 2002, The Clairvoyant 2003, Reality 2006, State of Shock 2010 …He recieved Three Awards for best Production design. Directed the feature length documentary-drama: A Rehearsal for Death 2007 (National TV) Author of numerous Exhibitions and Artistic Actions. Tought Fine Art and Design for stage and screen at several HE and Art Institutions.